Environment Canada does not agree …

with Quack Fest 2007,

‘Temperature increases expected in the next century could be disproportionately high in Canada, up an average of 10 degrees, scientists said from Paris on Friday, leading Environment Minister John Baird to call for “real action.” ‘

One day later we may be “virtually certain” and no longer “90% certainly”, “unequivocally”, “very likely” certain.

‘Meanwhile, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has tabled an opposition motion calling on the prime minister to reaffirm Canada’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.’

‘There had been speculation that the delegates might try to modify the wording to “virtually certain,” which means a 99 per cent chance that the earth is getting warmed because of human activity.’


February 3, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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