"Global cooling" ?

Dear *,
I agree with your previous concern regarding the Kyoto Protocol.
I think it was and still is a tax and spend account for Liberal politicians and possibly for lawyers to.
Global warming enthusiasts I happen to know receive much of there funding from raising public concern or awareness even though they are not climatologists or even climate experts such as Dr.David Suzuki who is a biologist and really not a very good one.
Instead like Greenpeace they profit from raising concerns.
If there is no concern these corporations, WWF etc, don’t profit from public sympathy, public funding and maybe in some cases even tax funding.
Gilles Duceppe m.p. has committed seditious libel in his request of you for nation statehood for Quebec I would highly suggest concerning the RCMP in case any delay in doing so be considered possible complicity which is unlawful.
“Global warming” is an invented fairy tale when the outside temperature is minus twenty degrees Celsius and no average temperature has been breached.
Like their failure in scrapping the GST the Liberals continue to make fools of themselves and Canadians by trumpeting this issue which they can not turn their backs on now.
They should change the name of the Kyoto Protocol to the Suzuki-Greenpeace-WWF Foundations Protocol.
“Man caused Global warming” is a fairy tale because man has only influenced the climate with Industrial (man made) CO2 for the past thirty years and the environment is in the midst of a “twenty year” “acceleration” at this same time.
While the glaciers which are reported to have covered all of Canada have melted why then now is this a sudden emergency of the world which is actually sinking into the water ?
That’s right the Continents are sinking into the oceans but some say the water level is rising.
Sincerely yours,
* , Ontario, Canada


February 3, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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