limpy Duck part II

February 03,2006
Dear *,
Now would be the perfect time to put a stop to global warming by putting a stop to Kyoto.
Stopping Kyoto will bring a halt to global warming “2% of which Canada is responsible for in Canada” according to the leader of the official opposition.
Our prime minister if able should cancel Canada’s comittment to this Protocol.
Not to wait for the leader of the Bloc Quebecois to make his demands for renewal of the Treaty of Paris.
A perfect time for all Canadians to benefit from this governments position in power or face election !
Now is the time to kill the Kyoto Protocol in Canada. Today is the day to cancel this ill advised comittment to this ill conceived treaty for and by vagabonds of the Liberal left.
The votes lost to this government by doing so should be made up by increasing corporate taxes while decreasing taxes on the “working poor” by means of lowering payroll taxes and increasing corporate taxes simultaniously.
My advice is that this work be done sooner rather than later.
I should keep my briefs on in the mean time.
When I say sooner rather than later I really mean that this should be done now since later your reason for being in office may be redundant to those who elected you.
I should mention of the climate or changes of to the prison cells at Kingston penitentuary some time in the future.
The causes or effects to Climate change at Kinston Ontario .
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


February 3, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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