really lowering real taxes really

Subject: lowering spending and taxes.
February 14, 2007
Lowering Canada’s spending while lowering payroll taxes is a good idea especially for those who are considered “the working poor” which I call the working poorer because everything that costs, cost those who can least afford it more than those who can afford the cost.Requiring government at whatever level to then spend more tax dollars for social welfare.
Subsidized child daycare being one example of how tax spending is “needed” for something which shouldn’t be needed.Spending tax dollars so that $60,000.00 dollar net income (in Ontario) families can have government subsidized daycare.
Promises to lower taxes have never been considered a bad thing by the regular Joe public to my recollection and that doing so while lowering spending is justified when combined with a reasonable plan for any surplus or option to prevent deficit.
Lowering payroll taxes should be the only means of tax reductions for business.
Business taxes should be increased to offset any loss of revenue to the government as a result of measures to lower payroll taxes.Taxes should be lowered by lowering the tax rate and removing all who earn less than thirty thousand dollars a year gross from income taxes completely.
I would have to say that any resistance to this should call for an election.
Manipulating little things here or there should be avoided except where necessary to meet the above need.
The “Working Poor” have apparently been forgotten since Paul Martin became Prime Minister of Canada and are being left behind by those who would imagine national child daycare or other subsidies as a means of helping those who earn low incomes yet still pay a large portion of that out of their pockets in taxes.
Yours Truly,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. There should be no exemptions for any province’s for transfer tax purposes such as the case with Alberta’s natural resources and Newfoundland’s oil and Quebec’s energy and whatever other their might be.Equal playing field meaning no exemptions for any or scrap the program completely.


February 14, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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