The PM should try living on $15,000.00 net / year.

Would be quite an accomplishment and allow said to imagine self “homeless”. The amount one minister might spend on a trip to Switzerland or B.C.

Try living on $6,408.00 a year from Ontario Works while the Ontario government subsidizes the daycare of welfare Yuppies who earn $60,000.00 net per year.

The “poor” are working poorer while welfare Yuppies who live in half million dollar Condos fill their Christmas stockings with child daycare welfare subsidies payed for by the real poor.

‘Canadians spent $54.6 billion on new vehicles 2006, … ‘

Curious about how much they spent on child daycare and if the government should also be subsidizing new car purchases for these poor hard done by ?

Tax sucking welfare yuppies.


February 14, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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