Subject: You think you can, I don’t !
February 14, 2006
Dear *,
Think you can allow a vote on something which you could defeat by making a confidence motion for the good of Canada you can.
You think these times go without notice I don’t !
Here’s a list;
1.Block Quebecois offers to prime minister an illegal proposal which should have at very least been cause for dissolution of the government and an election to let Canadians decide if Quebecois should be recognized as a nation within this nation.2 The vote held to maintain same-sex marriage would have been avoided .
3. The vote to maintain Kyoto Protocol established by the Liberal Party and not maintained by them would have been prevented from occurring.
This is three strikes in my book unless you have some miracle up your shirt sleeve to baffle all common reasoning and sense, I don’t see any reason for the government to maintain office.
Time to pack the bags and go home before someone gets a feeling to filing charges for possible breaches of the law which may have occurred by members of Canada’s federal parliament including Bill Graham while leading the official opposition and Jack Layton within the last year.
Time to go.
Say good bye and take Stupid with you, please.
By Stupid I mean – the * .
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


February 14, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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