Don Quixote doesn’t live here any more.

February 17, 2007
Dear Ontario minister of energy,
I wrote to ask the premier and the prime minister to invest in some wind turbines which at the time were reportedly supplying up to twenty per cent of some European nations hydro supply.
Seems someone may have listened since shortly after I mailed the letter both federal and provincial government announced new initiatives for wind turbine and alternate energy
sources.Coincidence is a consideration though I do feel some responsibility for encouraging these wind turbines.
My concern is that these not be placed on farm land or areas of high visibility as these turbines are very unpleasant to view. I have driven by some wind farms while in “the States” and they are without question the ugliest sight on the landscape that I have ever seen.
Could these not be put out on the lakes away from shore shipping and migratory bird areas. Georgian Bay and Lake Huron as an example have allot of wide open space room to build wind farms.
A few could be put on land for the inquisitive.
I realize that cost of operating these turbines is a concern though if they can be built by the Europeans on the North Sea which is a much harsher marine environment we should be able to put them on the great lakes, I realize that treaties with some natives rights (water claims) could be an issue and should not be ignored.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


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