American’s have Columbus Day

Subject: “Cabot Day
February 19, 2007
Dear minister of heritage,
Canada needs another holiday and I would like to offer a day that would reflect on the first European explorer to reach and discover the north American continent .
‘He was the first European since the Vikings to explore the mainland of North America and the first to search for the Northwest Passage.’
John Cabot or Giovanni Caboto by his Italian name was the first European explorer to reach continental America in the year previous to Christopher Columbus, 1497 A.D..
Americans celebrate Columbus Day as a tribute to that European explorer and we should have a holiday to celebrate the very first explorer to reach the American continents.
The French did arrive much later long after Cabot and Columbus had made their contacts with the America’s.
Cabot Day should be a national holiday in this country especially since it is considered that his landing was first in Newfoundland or parts which are considered Canada.
Cabot should have prominent place in our history and this countries heritage for being the first explorer to reach the American continents and is undisputed.
Why is there not already a national holiday for this explorer and discoverer of this country because he sailed for England and not France ?
I would like a national holiday declared for this first European to reach the north American continent.
John Cabot was not just the first to north America but the first to the continents of the Americas.
He shouldn’t be left out.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. We should not concern ourselves too much with some rumoured seditious to the crown who might or could imagine any french connection to the discovery of the America’s and in fact is more reason Cabot Day needs and should be made Canada’s national holiday.
I have included the HTML code in the subject which you can copy and paste to read more about Giovanni Caboto the discoverer of Canada.


February 19, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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