Kyoto Warming

February 19, 200* 7
Dear *,
“Global warming” and not climate change is the reason for a carbon credit exchange and the Kyoto targets.
Prominent economist was recently in Toronto to discuss “climate change” not global warming.
They really want their carbon credits more than the good of the environment in my opinion.
Reading some documented facts regarding global warming especially that ‘Canada’s first climatologist’ has not and does not support the findings of a recent global committee which said that man has “90 % certainly” contributed to global climate change and a top U.S. hurricane scientist is on record as saying that some of those who also sponsored the recent global warming conference previously used his work taken out of context to declare that increased hurricane and cyclone activity is the result of “climate change”.
When “Canada’s first climatologist” and a top U.S. hurricane expert are not agreeing with or are being misquoted by those in charge of a committee determining if global warming is man influenced something is wrong.
Global climate is always changing and is cyclical.
“Experts” who want to press this issue are over their heads in rhetoric and ignoring some real experts who are not as politically motivated.
Kyoto needs to be capped like C02 emissions and pollution of all kinds.
Do both by killing Canada’s association to this politically motivated protocol and putting in your own standard for C02 emissions.
We don’t need more of “Mr. Dithers”
Time to cut this piece of Liberal political hay off.
Kyoto needs to be “bombed”.
Though I wouldn’t use those exact words in public, if I were you.
Yours truly,
*, Ontario, Canada


February 19, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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