Pit Bull Terrier found stupider than the average poodle

Pit Bull Terriers should be banned from any who do not know how to manage an animal bred for fighting.

That should be almost everyone.

These animals are bred “killing machines” are “not predictable” and “dangerous in the wrong hands”. Especially of those who are stupider and not smarter than average which is dumber to.

That would be more stupid than accepted, making for extra stupid or stupider, a requirement for allowing these animals to be legally purchased, owned or sold.

Pit Bulls are bred for fighting and killing other dogs.

I say ban the American Pit Bull Terrier even though,
The Romans ,the Greeks, British, Spanish, as well as French have used dogs for fighting purposes, dating back hundreds or thousands of years.’

The Intelligence of Dogs

Working/Obedience Intelligence. This is breed dependent.

Rank Breed
1 Border Collie
2 Poodle
3 German Shepherd
4 Golden Retriever
5 Doberman Pinscher
6 Shetland Sheepdog
7 Labrador Retriever
8 Papillon
9 Rottweiler
10 Australian Cattle Dog

66 Bull Terrier

‘Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It is a felony offense in all but two states—Idaho and Wyoming—where it is a misdemeanor. Because dogfighting is a felony in most states, dogfighting rings are difficult to infiltrate and are run by extremely dangerous people.’

‘…. top three fighting dogs …’

‘listen i know dogs ok I’ve fought them I’ve trained them I’ve bred them ok 3 dog breeds ok even though most everybody says pit bull nope wrong sure there good fighting dogs but do they listen when there fighting no you want a listener and a fighter #1 is english staffordshire bull terrier very smart strong dog ok #2 is pit bull has the will and strength #3 chow chow smart strong ok there’s your breeds now the match ….’


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  1. if you think all pits are bad you are ignorant. i have a pit and she is the sweetest dog ever. she loves other dogs and kids are her fav play things. she will be there allways and i love her and its people like you that make it hard for people like me to own my dog just like some one with say a lab.

    Comment by Anonymous | March 12, 2007

  2. It’s not that their all bad, the breed was bred for fighting other dogs.That’s the only reason this breed exists.
    They must be controlled, kept out of the hands of amateurs and made illegal to sell or own so really the breed must be euthenised.
    This is the only breed I know that is specifically for fighting.
    Do bad about Peetie but there is no excuse for idiots having these dogs out on the streets.

    Comment by blanks57 | March 12, 2007

  3. this blog is based off ignorance and nothing else. for one thing the bull terrier is a different dog then the pitbull and they were not bread for fighting other dogs they were bread for fighting other animals but there is a big difference. Also they were used as hunting dogs, they are similar to all terriers. I have met a lot more other terriers that are more aggressive.

    Comment by Anonymous | March 17, 2007

  4. Bull terrier is the base breed the pit bull doesn’t rank in the top one hundred for smarts, that’s why you see bull terrier and not pit bull.
    They were, yes but now they are used strictly for fighting other dogs because that was their intention for being bred in the first place, fighting.That’s why they are PIT bull terriers.
    They should be euthanised as a breed.

    Comment by Blanks57™ | March 17, 2007

  5. i have one pit and english bull terrior and i would DIE for both of them who ever started this about pitbulls are stupid needs to inform them selfs on the real pitbull. pitbulls are not the one that are stupid and ignorant you are!!!! and along with the ingnorant people that fight these beautiful and animals. what you said about this breed makes me sick you have another thing comin buddy. ill tell you something in this case you should be more afraid about there owner then the dog!!!!…. check out and check out some really dogs

    Comment by Anonymous | March 26, 2007

  6. ok if you think all pit bulls should be put down you must be dumb ok because they wasn’t bred to fight they was bred to protect and be a good family dog i have 2 put bulls and they are my babys i love them to death they don’t fight each other they don’t fight with my other dogs and they don’t mess with the kids at my house the great american pit bull terrior was bred to be a family dog we should be happy for this dogs independece and i have seen so many other dogs were made to fight and there are so many other dogs that attacl like German shepereds they attack people sometimes its not always pit bulls and when this great dog does something good they always call it “boxer mix” but this dog does something good everyday and we don’t reconize it like i always say BLAME THE DEED NOT THE BREED!!

    Comment by Anonymous | March 26, 2007

  7. who ever wrote that comment about pitbulls should get eatin alive by lions because its all on how you train your can have a poodle thatis so viciouse.Look at humans if you raise your young the wrong way they will be scary too so does that mean we should self distruct ourselves …NO you have to come up with a solution.If they can have lions an tigers in a zoo playing with handlers then they could have pitbulls walking our streets on leashes.And to the people who think negative about pitbulls well go read a book!

    Comment by Anonymous | April 24, 2007

  8. Ok here we go i own 10 pits ok there not bred for fighting its the owner who trains them to fight there breed was not bred to fight the dumbass blanks57 is an idiot ive been raising pit bulls for all my life not once has one turned on me nor tried to attack another one of my dogs so get the hell out of here with this stupid shit and be real.

    Comment by Anonymous | April 24, 2007

  9. ok for 1 not ALL pit bulls are dangerious. my family has 4 and they dont fight eachother and they are lovers i have never ever seen one of my pits even growl at someone. not even a stranger. its all in how you raise them i agree that if someone doesnt know what the breed CAN do then they should not get 1 but if they know about the breed and what they were actually bred for then they have the right to get 1 if they can raise it properlly. dont punish the breed for what SOME of them in the past have done. just because some of them attak ppl doesnt mean they all do.. i have 2 males and 2 females all unfixed and they dont fight eachother and they dont fight with any of my other 6 dogs. the other dogs are hunting dogs except my moms dog she is a border collie and none of them fight. they dont even fight with my dads 2 Rotts and his 2 Dobermans. so they are not ALL mean. its all in how you raise them. you have to socialize them and not keep them couped up all day or else yeah you will have an unrully dog that may bight someone or could turn on you because it would be frustraited

    Comment by amanda | June 28, 2007

  10. all dogs at one time or another where bred for fighting

    Comment by Michelle | June 28, 2007

  11. i think pitbulls and Staffordshire Bull Terriers and all other dogs that are associated with fighting are lovelly dogs as i own 2 myself. They were made to fight in the 18th and 19th century for money for there owners.

    Comment by Anonymous | June 29, 2007

  12. yr all crazy

    Comment by Anonymous | June 30, 2007

  13. its stupid people like you that give pits a bad name yall always want ta brang out the bad not the good

    Comment by nick | August 19, 2007

  14. Pitts are the most loyal dogs ive ever seen and ive owned about 30 different breeds of dogs so i think whoever wrote this just has issues against them because they failed to traing the dog right, in this case you should not be allowed to have one… I got a 100% American Pitt and its above average size for his age by about 40lbs and ALL MUSCLE and if trained as a fighter he will take many dogs\people or w\e down without a problem. If you train your dog right they will listen… Pitts are the smartest dogs in sense of knowing right from wrong if u train them right. I know atleast 10 other people with pitts…. dogs never attacked anyone and they can walk the dog without a leash threw crowds of people and the dog will not leave the owners side unless you tell it to go. They are real protective of its owner and people it knows, i was with my friend who owns the father of my dog and we were walking around when 2 stray dogs ran up to us and tried attacking us and the dog, the dog just sat there until the other dogs made a move by trying to attack us and the dog at which point he told the dog to “get em” the pitt killed both dogs, they were mixed breeds not sure what kind exactly but the pitt wouldnt make the first move…. VERY LOYAL if you know what your doing… so dont diss on pitts because you failed….. you probally abused the dog when it was a pup or somthing for it not to be the same case for you. They are a little hardheaded as puppys and they have there a personality almost like humans. My dog wont even eat a plate of human food off the floor unless you say its ok, and the only reason dogs bred for fighting are so stubbourn isbecuase people imbreed them which makes them more retarded and thats where they loose there smarts. You need to atleast know the dog isnt imbreed…. any imbreed dog is going to be retarded

    Comment by KiLLa | August 20, 2007

  15. Anyone that could be so stupid and ignorant to the things going on around them in the world today deserves to be eaten by the pit bulls they have destroyed. Continue to live your life in fear and prejudice. I know I’m on the right side the side for life.

    Comment by vanessa | August 20, 2007

  16. i believe your comments are pathetic. its all about the up bring of a dog that makes a fighter a fighter. If a lab was brought up 2 fight i have no doubt it would its only because pits have the power and will to fight that they are so cruely used. If dogs are brought up within a family and also by the right owners then there would never be any trouble with them .

    Comment by Anonymous | August 21, 2007

  17. that is a load of rubbish it is the owners who make the dogs how they are i have 2 myself and they are the softess ever they get on with kids and other dogs no wonder people dont like them when you people say what you say about them.

    Comment by ben kendall | August 22, 2007

  18. in my opinion pit bulls are naturally fighting dogs, only well informed handlers should have them. handlers/owners should also b licensed along with other “fighting” breeds. all dogs should be required to have muzzels by law when out on the street, then no difference for any breed, it aint gona b biting any1. seems harsh but it’d sure reduce dog bite victims, and there are many different muzzles available on the market to suit requirements.

    Comment by rachael | September 6, 2007

  19. Stating that the pitbull was bred for dogfighting is right. All dogs can fight. Pitbull style dogs are bred to be stronger than any dog in a “dogfight”. In doing so the pitbull was not made more vicious than other breeds but, instead more “driven”. A pitbull commits 100% of itself to what it is doing. Pain, fear and other inhibitions are irrelevant.

    Comment by Boris Mracevic | September 11, 2007

  20. Stating that the pitbull was bred for dogfighting is right. All dogs can fight. Pitbull style dogs are bred to be stronger than any dog in a “dogfight”. In doing so the pitbull was not made more vicious than other breeds but, instead more “driven”. A pitbull commits 100% of itself to what it is doing. Pain, fear and other inhibitions are irrelevant.

    Most other breeds still posses the wolf’s instinct for self preservation. Pitbulls are bred for “gameness” they are wagging their tails during a dogfight. This makes them special; topping in at 60 lbs (real pitbuls are smaller than 60 lbs), they can outlast, and with their jaw power (no such shit as lockjaw), overpower larger opponents. Protection sports enthusiasts value drive as high drive dogs excel in dogsports. The pitbull is a unique package of functional physique and extreme drive in a small loyal dog. Their power is their curse……. only IN THE HANDS OF IDIOTS. A good anology is a GUN. Irresponsible, stupid and ignorant people should not own guns or pitbulls.

    A pitbull is a highly sociable dog that is relatively small and pound for pound extremely powerful. TRAINING is crucial; if someone (the owner) can control the dog (any breed) then that person can control a pitbull. Infact, imagine a dog that commits a 100% of itself to a “sit-stay” command; it could never move let alone attack somthing.

    Comment by Boris Mracevic | September 11, 2007

  21. Fuck All Y’All!!!

    Comment by Anonymous | September 12, 2007

  22. What an idiot you are, I have had four Staffordshire Bull Terriers and have never had one bite or attack any children or other animals.Its how you raise them ,perhaps your momma should have taken the same approach when raising a halfbake like you.

    Comment by MARTYN ISSITT | September 12, 2007

  23. your are the most ignorant person i’ve ever seen. do your research before you come up with this bullshit website and not from the newspaper and news on tv idiot.

    Comment by Anonymous | September 12, 2007

  24. putos

    Comment by exekiel | September 12, 2007

  25. I think it shows how stupid you actually are, because if you look at temperment tests. The collie, the number one on your rank chart, scores much lower than the pit bull. As a matter of fact a collie bit off part of my nephews ear and cut up his face and nose. What I find ironic about that is……Lassie was a collie! He has been around my pit bull and he can climb on him and do what ever to him and he just lets it go. The reason for that is because they are trained to be aggressive not bred that way. I have never laid a hand in anger on my pit and he cowers if I raise my hand to him. I think you should own one before you bash them.

    Comment by Randy McSparren | September 12, 2007

  26. you are a very narrow minded individual.ok? i have only ever had pit bulls for the reason that they get such bad press. its individuals such as yourself that give these loyal dogs such bad press. if one of these great dogs went for you, i sure as hell wouldnt stop them.

    Comment by sanchez | September 14, 2007

  27. wat that dog doing fightig yo dog can’t beat mine

    Comment by javar | September 14, 2007

  28. I know quite a few pitbulls mixed with a staffordshire and they are the most adorable dogs, their house trained dogs, protect you and no they wasnt made for fighting. the owner is the person that makes them like that, i watchd a program the other day about pitbulls fighting in america and making them fight, it was so sad making young pitbull dogs at the age of 8 months old fight eachother. it’s the owners fault their to blame. look at rotweilers their viscious, there has been so incidents about them lately but have they been banned????? NO

    Comment by Anonymous | September 14, 2007

  29. Has anyone else noticed that the people who are ‘for’ these killing machines can’t spell, and not only that, but the grammar is as dangerous as the dogs they own as a status symbol?
    Now I’m all for the freedom of ownership of any dog, but only in the hands of those smart enough to to read and write.
    Do you have to be totally thick to own one?
    Have a look through some of the previous blogs on this subject, and then decide for yourselves.

    Comment by stu | October 7, 2007

  30. pit bulls were bred to fight DOGS not ppl! Therefore they are not naturally dangrous to ppl! Infact back in the day when dog fighting was a complmented sport, if a dog ever showed aggression towards a person they had thier nuts cut ON THE SPOT, that way the aggression towards ppl could never be rebred. Some ppl need to do more research before they make themselves look ignorent.

    Comment by Anonymous | November 2, 2007

  31. The Bull terrier Is a completely Separate breed! They are not the base breed as Blanks57™ said! People that are completely uneducated and that don’t know what the hell they are talking about should shut up! The majority of those “tests” are done by private organizations such as the AKC which does not recognize the American Pitbull terrier as a breed! But they also do not recognize 300+ other breeds! It is fine that someone “dislikes” a certain breed but to run your mouth like you even have a clue what you are talking about is ridiculous! There are so many different versions on why and how the breed came about but I do agree that the breed is not for everyone but to say that NO one should own them is stupid!

    Did you realize that it is the humans that created these “breeds” and that it is people that created and continue to create the problems!?!?! I personally own a “pitbull”, by far he is own of the most loyal dedicated dogs I have ever had! Loyal not meaning he is going to protect the house but meaning he will do his commands when told! He doesn’t bark, growl etc. I had more aggression from my toy poodles! So with what the majority of these uneducated people say We should ban toy poodles, because they growled, and barked! Seriously, some of you “pitbull haters” need to get a life! How about your desired “labradoodle” or your “cockapoo”?!?!? They should be next! Why breed this dog that you believe is “hypoallergenic” when you honestly have about a 50/50 chance of them being hypoallergenic! And the majority of these types of dogs are coming from puppymills!

    And for those of you that support PETA…..did you realize they are for banning ALL DOMESTIC DOGS!?!?!? That means your little pom., your poodle, your lab, etc could all be taken away!

    So for those of you that would like more education on the “pitbull” Check out this link: or or or

    Just realize that as simple as it is to ban a “pitbull” it will make it even simpler to ban any other dog!
    So Get educated people! I agree that there needs to be stricter rules for ANY dog being breed or sold!!!!

    Comment by Tammy | November 11, 2007

  32. What I would really like to know offhand is whether or not you have the balls to call yourself any kind of dog lover. But I have a different opinion on the matter. Being an owner of a Pit myself, I only have one thing to say; that dog is smarter than any dog I’ve seen. And just because he is a Pit, does not mean he does not have potential. And the idea of banning them is not only ridiculous, it’s selfish. The dog IS what you make it, so blame it on the owner, not the dog. Because they can be just as playful as a Poodle. In the end, it all comes down to the mentality that you mold your dog to. It’s one way of telling somebody’s character don’t you think. Just think about the fact that you are ONE person and just because you happen to have some kind of sick, almost political grudge against these dogs doesn’t mean that you are going to change this world. Unless you want to battle it out with the numerous numbers of Pit owners for the rest of your life. Well, you’ve heard my piece. Thank you, and have a nice damn day…Oh yea, and before you run off talking about how dumb “Pitbull Terriers” are, you should stop and take a second to think about how utterly ridiculous you sound. I mean, you’re wasting your time degrading something other than your own species, don’t you just sound valiant. Ha.

    Comment by Dara | November 28, 2007

  33. So yeah I agree that a lot of people don’t handle pitbulls well but it’s not the dogs that are stupid it’s the people. I’ve raised 5 pits and only one of them has attacked somebody. She bit a man trying to break into my house. Pitbulls are extremely loyal dogs and as long as they aren’t abused or trained to fight, are some of the best out.

    Statistically, Poodles are more instinctively vicious then Pitbulls. I’ve encountered many pits and only a few poodles. Never been bitten by a pit, but almost had my face ripped off by a poodle at 6 years old. Same happened to my friend when she was 3. Almost took out her eye.

    So I STRONGLY disagree with this whole page I think its a bunch of bullshit but everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it is a load of crap.

    Comment by Jennifer | November 29, 2007

  34. your out of your mind I have 2 pit bulls and they are the most loveing dogs in the world.

    Comment by Art | November 29, 2007

  35. People from Iraq, Iran etc. are known to be killers and children are breed to be the same. So if you think pit-bulls should be killed-off why not just kill all children as well to prevent possible murders. Honestly pit-bulls only have the possibility of attacking usually when provoked or threatened. People think it out and just do it. Leave the dogs alone and go after the stupid people that own them.

    Comment by anonymous | November 30, 2007

  36. no dog is viscious unless u bring it up 2 be. It brough up properly cn be a great dog

    Comment by discrimination ed | December 2, 2007

  37. american pitt bulls and the english staffy are practicly the same breed but both in fact all dogs represent there upbringing no dog is feirce by nature and all have some degree of intelligence you americans stop breeding crapy rip offs of british dogs and making out its our fault they are bieng banned cuz you lot are barbarrik

    Comment by Gavin | December 25, 2007

  38. You are an idiot.

    There that’s my arguement. It has the reminicent potential to your blog.

    By the way, an American Pit Bull Terrier is not a Bull Terrier. They are very intelligent and capable. Unlike yourself.

    Comment by Anonymous | January 5, 2008

  39. I own 4 and have a 1 year old.THEY ARE the sweetest loving loyal companions. They are no different than any animal. They are a blank slate for you can teach them. Some people do use these animals for wrong purpose,and it brings me to tears, but Punish The DEED Not The BREED. I also disagree with eveything you stated

    Comment by Anonymous | January 11, 2008

  40. People may breed these dogs to fight, but ‘fighting’ is not a characteristic. It’s their terrier tenacity that makes them a good SELCTION as a fighting dog then the right (or wrong, depending on your perspective) TRAINING makes them fight well.

    That’s the confusion that all of you ‘bad dog’ people have. It’s not that they’re born/bred fighters – no dog is. They’re born tenacious like some people are and then it’s how the owners channel that – or don’t channel it. If a dog isn’t socialized to be friendly with other dogs and people it will be fearful and act aggressively – this is what happens when well meaning, but ignorant owners get these type of dogs. If the dog is ENCOURAGED to fight, though, that’s what it will do. You could do the same with a Lab or Cocker Spaniel. But these dogs don’t have the same sort of drive and tenacity nor physical build so you won’t get a ‘good’ fighter.

    So it’s not that the Pit Bull is a vicious dog. It’s a tenacious dog. It’s the people who channel that. No different than a loaded gun. If properly cared for there’s nothing to fear, but if the people who own it aren’t responsible…

    So I don’t think it matters where the Pit Bulls rank on the stupid chart – it’s the PEOPLE you gotta worry about.

    Comment by L'aura | January 11, 2008

  41. Everybody but a few say pretty much the same thing Pit Bulls are only dangerous because of who owns them, WRONG!Pit Bulls are dangerous because of who (what)they are.
    Pit Bulls are “the sweetest dogs” blah blah blah, may be true, but how mean dogs kill people???
    I don’t mean injure in self defence or a percieved threat, I mean KILL?
    Get a brain you people, you are playing with fire if you own a Pit Bull.That is likely why you own one anyway or to guard your “trailer”.

    Comment by blanks57 | January 17, 2008

  42. if your going to explicit information about pitbulls maybe you should get your facts straight and take some of your time and research your information because obviously your nothing but a media junky who only watches the news and feeds of their info. This is just touching the surface:

    MYTH: All Pit Bulls are mean and vicious.

    It is reported on temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society that Pit Bulls had a passing rate of 82% or better — compared to only 77% of the general dog population.

    These temperament tests consist of putting a dog through a series of unexpected situations, some involving strangers.

    Any signs of unprovoked aggression or panic in these situations result in failure of the test. The achievement of Pit Bulls in this study disproves that they are inherently aggressive to people. (Please visit




    Comment by RYAN | January 18, 2008

  43. pit bulls have a higher tollerence for babys and everything else annoying like the ignorent people that wrote this. ive heard of WAY more poodles and little dogs attack people than any thing but they are more powerful i own 2 as of right now cloie is 5 shes a femail NEVER bit anyone and she got beat and still did not bite anybody and skip hes the male and hes 3 he has never bit anybody and i always look up pit bull on google images and i see way more reg nice pit bulls than anything about them attacking

    Comment by robby | January 18, 2008

  44. I think what your saying is stupid!!

    Comment by Lana | January 18, 2008

  45. You’ve got a lot of misinformation in your emotional diatribe. But first lets discuss where you and I are in agreement:

    A “properly” bred Pit Bulldog is potentially deadly/dangerous to other dogs. So, keep them separated from other dogs. Besides, there are other breeds that share this trait: ALL working terrier breeds.

    I also wish less people would find the need to own one. It’s like giving Porsche 911 GT3s to everyone on the public road. The result: serious accidents. If the persons don’t understand the natural inclinations and instincts of the dog then they should NOT own one.

    Okay, I’m a HUGE fan of the “fighting bulldog”. I once owned a gamebred dog. He was utterly fantastic: wouldn’t hurt a human unless directly challenged (a stupid thing to do, anyway) or directly threatened a family member or ANY child in his presence. Would kill a large aggressive dog for “general purpose” (hey, he was specifically bred for it so we kept him apart from other pets). He wasn’t worth a wet sock in terms of a protection or guard dog – and I’m A OK with that. He was a companion or buddy to me and I don’t like the idea of a bulldog attacking a human. Besides, the gamebred (i.e., strains specifically bred for dogfighting) are no more a threat to a human than a child is a threat to an adult. It’s like saying that coonhounds (since they are aggressive to coons) show the same aggressiveness to humans. They don’t. So unless you’re a canid or some fur-bearing critter you will not have an issue with a “proper” (i.e., gamebred) Pit Bulldog.

    Now the majority of the “Pit Bulls” we see are not PROPERLY bred at all – much to the chagrin of their owners. Many ignorant breeders are breeding them solely for confirmation and are starting to look like tanks. They may be powerful but they are not agile. What their personalities are like now is more like any other canid: predatory, territorial. The problem is that before they focused all of their aggression towards other animals. Now, without the specific testing and breeding program (which is a bit cruel anyways) we are left with an extremely courageous, exceedingly athletic dog that has traits like most other dogs: territorial, protective, somewhat distrustful of strangers. No thanks.

    I don’t at all agree with the “intelligence” thing: they are stubborn not stupid; the two are not to be confused. A dumb dog will die in the pit; the best are bred to the best so it’s unlikely a Pit Bulldog will be especially dumb. The probability of any individual of the breed being stubborn is, however, quite high.

    I’m not likely to convince any of those whose minds are made up so I’ll just “go away.”

    Comment by Looking4Truth | January 21, 2008

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