Carbon credits ? Pay tax, drive bigger car, pollute more

Subject: Kill Kyoto, not the dog.
February 22, 2007
Dear environment minister,
In my opinion this government is failing the party it is supposed to represent, the Conservative party of Canada.
Kyoto in our prime ministers own words is a tax sucking Liberal sham and I could not agree more.
This issue should be made a confidence matter for this government though having lost already a vote on this issue it is time to call an election.
However the time to do this may have passed already with the vote to make law the “Quebecois nation” in Canada.
Aside from the legal concerns I have over this attempt and victory to some degree on the part of some seditious to overthrow the crown at very least a bold and brazen assault which is illegal.
There is no point going on as a Conservative with this Kyoto issue hanging over your head.
Get on the bandwagon and cheer for the carbon credits of Kyoto, that you can use to drive a large gas guzzling S.U.V or call an election to get rid of this Liberal pollution.
The sooner the better.
Yours truly,
*, Ontario, Canada


February 22, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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