Hello, Queen

Subject: Quebec racists (nothing personal)
February 22, 2007
Dear member of parliament,
I have had enough of Quebec racists parading themselves in public.
Andre Boisclair, Gilles Duceppe, and many others including all members of the Bloc Quebecois.
By there very existence they are traitors to the crown and commit sedition.
Gilles Duceppe mp has gone too far in his demands of Canada’s prime minister and should be investigated by the RCMP for seditious libel.
The Bloc Quebecois and others who support their francophone demands in my opinion are not just traitors plain and simple they are also hate criminals under Canada criminal code for practising, teaching, and promoting french dominance in a particular province of Canada.
Hate crimes are defined quite clearly I suggest that a member of parliament preferably my own or one from the official opposition or government who’s job it is, familiarize them self with this definition especially in regards to the Bloc Quebecois and “the Quebecois” movement in this country.
Treason in my opinion is being committed by some members of Canada’s parliament.
Do I have to call the Queen ?
Do you want the British navy on your doorstep, again ?
The prime minister should resign or face revolt if this matter is not considered seriously.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


February 22, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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