‘Management want caps, players want free market.’

Subject: Management want salary caps, players want money.
February 22, 2006
Dear minister of human resources the honourable Monte Solberg mp,
There was a cap on the E.I. surplus put there by the honourable Paul Martin mp while finance minister of Canada.
“twenty billion dollar cap”
Today there is a fifty one billion dollar E.I. surplus while some have benefits denied.
‘The cumulative $51-billion surplus, up from $44 billion at the beginning of 2004, represents how premiums paid by workers and employers have outstripped benefits paid out over more than 12 years, says the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.’
Do I have to hire a lawyer and sue the government to return to the tax payers, this “surplus” E.I. ? Hopefully not, my extra income is being saved to sue the Ministry of Labour for incompetence and malice.
“Fifty one billion” surplus tax dollars does not belong to the government and is illegal or certainly should be, for them to retain this much E.I.
What happened to the finance minister’s “Twenty billion dollar cap” on this surplus ?
Are you going to return this “surplus” to the tax payers who are being defrauded. Maybe not really fraud but should be if you don’t reduce this surplus to zero dollars by paying it back to the tax payer and also the interest that the surplus has earned.Thirteen years worth.
Do what only a right wing conservative would, could and should do, return all the surplus to the taxpayers and apologize for the governments mishandling of this fifty one billion dollar fiasco.
If the interest earned by this “surplus” over thirteen years has been spent and is no longer a part of the surplus you should know and apologize to the tax payers for this “boondoggle”
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S.Someone might or could consider changing the name of E.I. to something a little less effeminate and more accurate such as unemployment insurance or even seasonally unemployed workers insurance.Which is the original intention of this tax in the first place.


February 22, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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