Are You a deadbeat, too ?

Subject: There’s “deadbeat dad’s” and then there’s you.
February 24, 2007
Dear member of parliament,
We hear allot about “dead beat dad’s” in this province, Ontario, but little of other “deadbeats” who may be stealing from the mouths of those who feed them to pay for political promises.
Ontario has a premier who thinks that sixty thousand dollar a year net income earning families of one point four children should have their daycare subsidized while reaping the benefits of amalgamation and reduced payments to municipalities and general welfare.That’s why in my city you have to walk on ice covered sidewalks and food banks and homeless shelters are becoming more needed not less.
Since were talking about posting the photographs of deadbeats lets look at one “deadbeat” I know who pays seventeen thousand dollars in taxes one year on a thirty four thousand dollar income.
This “deadbeat” is owed over eighty thousand dollars by his employers who lie, cheat and steal with the ministers of labour and revenue consent and approval.
“Deadbeat” is a dangerous word for a politician of any stripe, especially any that spend their way to the top of a one hundred and fifty billion dollar provincial debt or five hundred billion dollar federal debt
We don’t need big spenders in government to spend our childrens futures while complaining about “deadbeats”.
Sincerely yours,
Chatham, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Speaking of “deadbeats” who’s paying their transfer payments to the federal government and who isn’t. Their photo’s might be considered for publishing in the news by the attorney’s general.


February 24, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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