Subject: Same-sex marriage and Seditious libel.
February 24, 2007
Dear member of parliament *,
Your government is limping along unnecessarily.
I am glad I didn’t go vote now as I would have voted for your party.
The vote held to open up the same sex marriage law which was defeated being a perfect example of why this government is failing and has failed its supporters as far as I am concerned.
This vote was held when your party could not win.
The prime minister has been faced with an offer from the leader of an opposition party which is and was illegal at the time it was offered.
Gilles Duceppe m.p.’s demand reportedly received by the prime minister in writing was seditious.
The time to do something though has past politically speaking.
Legally speaking I suppose it would take someone, preferably who’s job it is, to make a complaint to the minister of justice and possibly to the RCMP that the leader of the Block Quebecois has or may have committed an indictable offence while in office and that against the crown.
This is not a political concern that I have, this a criminal concern.My guess is the attorney general should be responsible for this.
Election time should be now not later, your failing the Conservative Party and Canadians miserably.Holding a vote on same-sex marriage when it was not possible to win, keeping Kyoto “a Liberal tax sucking sham” and the making “the Quebecois” a nation have all occurred in this government as the result of limping along as a weak and incompetent minority.
These things should never have occurred and Gilles Duceppe mp should be facing criminal charges not siting in parliament telling the federal government “what Quebecer’s want”.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


February 24, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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