Where is your head ?

Subject: Who votes for you ?
February 27, 2007
Dear member of parliament, *,
It should be important to this government to concern themselves with things that benefit Canadians, as opposed to opposition parties who might support “the” agenda.
Canada has suffered through thirteen years of a pandering, Liberal, lie, fest.Their government was successfully elected to the highest office by accusing
opposition of “racism” being “Nazis”, “homophobes” and “anti women”, etc, etc.,.
Lets not forget that the Bloc Quebecois will support any party that will give to Quebec more than their fair share.
Your government may be losing focus in light of the contention faced by some rude and possibly even criminal demands of certain members of parliament who want what is best for them and not for Canada.
The vote held making “the Quebecois a nation” being an example among others, which the government voted ninety percent in favour of something that seventy per cent of Canadians did not favour.
This is really a failure on the part of government, needless and uncalled for, as was the successful vote to not revisit same-sex marriage. Just two failures I know of occurring in this government, the result of needing to please the above mentioned opposition parties, where their is no need to do so, at all and is probably a reflection of the leadership or lack of in this government.
We don’t need or want twenty more years of Liberal election wins by default.
Canadians want government that works for them not for the NDP or for the Block Quebecois or for the Liberal Party of Canada.
Hoping the march budget will consider those Canadians that go to the polls, as opposed to those that hold the polls.
I can tell you that what I’m reading in the news isn’t looking very good for you when election time comes.
Reducing the corporate tax levy while minimum wage earners still pay income taxes ?
I think Canadians need to understand that workers spend the money and purchase the products made by business, that’s why lowering payroll taxes, which are a business expense, is the best corporate tax reduction.
This government needs to get their heads out of their own asses instead of letting traitors, the Kyoto protocol and same sex perverts run things for them.
Though I’m sure some who may imagine themselves Conservative might support such foolish, “left-wing”, lieing, bullshit, of pandering leftist, hate criminals.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


February 27, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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