"Poodle fakkers" defence fund

Johnny” goes to court.

Your right to free speech is in jeopardy! And we need your help to fight the political censorship of the internet.

On October 16th, computer software developer Paul Bryan will be in the Supreme Court of Canada battling Section 329 of the Canada Elections Act.

This section of the Act makes the premature transmission of voting results – free speech on the internet – a crime.

Paul thinks this is not only an infringement of the Charter-guaranteed right to free expression, but also an unjustified attempt to control the flow of political information on the internet.

The National Citizens Coalition is helping Paul in this fight because we believe in free speech and we believe that Section 329 is archaic and unenforceable.

Help us fight for freedom of expression!

Click * to contribute to the Paul Bryan Defence Fund today!

Please forward this e-mail to your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers, or anyone you know who believes in freedom of expression.

“This case is among the first of its kind in Canada and is a indication of the difficulties of trying to muzzle information in the Internet age.”
– The Globe and Mail

“The question before the courts has been not whether the election gag law restricts freedom of expressixon but whether that restriction is justifiable.”
– The Vancouver Sun

“Elections Canada seems to have focused on protecting elections on behalf of politicians, not electors.”
– The National Post

I’m not sure this about freedom of expression ?
I followed some of the superior court trial on CPAC.
They are playing with fire with this challenge
and should lose because they are wrong.
If” they” win child pornography can not be limited on the
Internet by the same principle.
The “MSM” are his chief supporters in this.
I don’t know why the National Citizens Coalition are
involved they aren’t going to help any “Citizens”
unless the “MSM “or child pornographers are the citizens
they are trying to”free” ?

“Uppity Date”:
Look at the signature on this letter.

This would be funny if it weren’t.
Elections Canada is right on the ball a 100% and I hope
Bryan loses this case for the sake of real”freedoms”.

h/t-NCC email

March 6, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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  1. I heard they lost,good.
    Surprised, some judges still have brains after all.

    Comment by Blanks57™ | March 18, 2007

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