Mandate to libel

April 25, 2007
Dear minister,
This governments mandate should have ended with the Bloc Quebecois demand on parliament for recognition as a nation or state.
This demand was seditious to the crown and illegal.
You should know and have known at the time and acted appropriately by serving the crown instead of your own greedy or possibly even criminal “needs”.Doing nothing only prolongs the agony which must be suffered as a result of Canada’s parliaments lack of responsibility to the Crown which did result in a vote to make law another nation within this nation which was and is treason.
Those responsible, being the parliament of Canada, as a result of either incompetence or direct action has resulted in passing of a law which is illegal – a nation within a nation which is not under the authority of the Crown or tends in that regard.
The federal government of Canada is in power illegally as a result.
All members of parliament who voted to make law this illegal conspiracy of francophone’s against the Crown of Canada are criminals by existing law.
Have a nice day : )
Sincerely Yours
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Have fun with your carbon credit tax exchange you “Conservative” NDP Ass- Kissing liberals you.


April 25, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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