Brain damaged ?

Subject: No one should even notice ……… that your a pathetic, dumb, jackass.

May01, 2007
Dear minister of the environment,
Curious why claims are being made that you have abandoned the Kyoto accord while you have kept the very worst part of that accord the carbon credit exchange which allows big polluters to purchase credits from low polluters.
That is the real reason the Kyoto accord was and still is a sham much like yourself I would need to add, a total sham.
David Suzuki doesn’t like what you did because he believes “global warming” is real and man made.Of course those who know better than the chicken Little’s know the climate temperature rise is peaking and that another cycle of global cooling is near.
I must wonder then why our minister would choose to keep the part of Kyoto which was the worst of the treaty and not rather do away completely with the scam of Kyoto.
Excuses, excuses, maybe you didn’t think anyone would notice.
What a scam and a sham I have to agree with Dr. Suzuki and that your government has prolonged its existence to the detriment of this country to sell out again this time not to the Quebecois or Americans but big business.
I really shouldn’t use the words which I find appropriate to describe what your government has done, sufficient to say that David Suzuki doesn’t like you because you didn’t do enough and I don’t like you because you did too much.
You just can’t win by screw’n the pooch from both ends.
Which I’m quite sure shall be discovered when the results of the next election are in.
Pathetic, you should run as a Liberal, they like facing both ways at the same time.
Get rid of the carbon credit tax exchange dude or go back to the Kyoto, accord do not screw the dog like this or you and this country will be so very sorry, that much I am sure of.
Harper must have brain damage to let you get away with this utter stupidity.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


May 1, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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