Stephanie should win

Subject: Progressives make lousy conservatives

May 02, 2007

Dear member of parliament,

I have made a list of “stupid” things and crimes committed by this government from memory without any research since election in 2006.

  • Federal budget raised taxes on the working poor while lowering the GST a great business tax reduction which helped this government get elected and my idea ( lowering the GST not raisnig the tax rate of the working poor/er).
  • Vote making “the Quebecois” a nation within this nation.Divisive, racist and illegal because it is seditious and a hate crime both indictable offences and supported by a majority in Canada’s parliament.
  • Watering down of the “accountability act” because of the minority position born of this incompetence.
  • The trust fund fiasco – why are real estate companies still exempt ?
  • Keeping the very worst part of Kyoto, the carbon credit cap and trade tax exchange. Stupid can be a good word to describe incompetent behaviour especially of those who are in the top two percent of income earnings.
  • A Complete lack of applying principles of Conservative policy in favour of compromise with Liberals and lazy Liberals, progressives.
  • Vote held to maintain same – sex marriage.

If Stephane Dion m.p. had the least amount of credability your government would face the same results as Kim Campbell in the next election with the exception that Jean Charest is already a Liberal and won’t be there to keep the seat warm.
Waste of a year and a half.
How do you fix what wasn’t broken ?
By re electing the Liberal Party of course.
At which time I should begin proceeding with charges under the Canada criminal code against some for sedition, seditious libel, neglecting to defend the crown and Canada’s sovereignty from foreign seditious aggression and possibly conspiracy to commit treason or even high treason.
Have a nice Liberal day. Have you heard the governments of this country are funding the Catholic Church to the exclusion of all other religions that is by definition a hate crime now. Guess no one has noticed though I have pointed this out to you and the premier of Ontario and Canada’s attorney general(s) several times over the last year and a half.
Oh well.

Sincerely Yours,

* *

*, Ontario, Canada



May 2, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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