Confused ?

Subject: Apparently your a little confused.
May 05, 2007
Dear David McGuinty mp Liberal environment critic,
Seems you and your party are complaining the Conservatives are not implementing the worst part of your Kyoto accord the “Cap and Trade” emission credit transfer tax. You are misleading Conservative voters to believe the government has done the right thing by abandoning this plan which allows big polluters to pollute more than the the Conservative plan which has actually been abandoned. Canada’s tax payers, voters and environmentalists are being mislead by saying the Conservative Green plan does not include this emission tax credit exchange system, “cap and trade”.
Which witch is which ?
Misinformation of your party to the general public Mr. McGuinty and that of Ontario’s Liberal premier in his denial of the federal governments “Cap and Trade” emission tax credit exchange is truly a disservice to this country and its electors.
‘ A domestic inter-firm trading system, through which regulated firms may buy and sell emission credits among themselves, will be the central component. ‘
Of this Conservative governments “Green Plan”.
From ;
What ?
Are we having some difficulty Mr. McGuinty ?
Are you shooting yourself in the foot by not informing those who support Conservatives that the government has kept the very worst part of the Kyoto pact ?
Lieing to the public, attempting to mislead parliament, or defrauding the taxpayer and environmentalists of their right to know isn’t good for this country.
Shame, shame, par for the course though.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

May 5, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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