Loopholes and Liberals

Subject: Closing loopholes – good
May 08, 2007
Dear member of parliament *,
I heard the minister of finance on yesterdays coverage by CPAC t.v. which seemed to explain reasonably the cause for closing loopholes, which has been reported by some and opposition as being bad for Canada’s business.
I wrote an email to the minister which was “inspired” by some of this complaining.
After hearing the ministers reason and cause for closing this “loophole” I fully agree with this change and would encourage the minister to keep this change.
I support removing real estate companies from the trust fund business, lowering payroll taxes of the working poor which are a business expense, especially to small business and closing these interest loopholes.
Perhaps lowering payroll taxes considerably and suddenly could help to adjust any losses incurred to Canadian industry for their loss due to the closing of loopholes.Lowering the tax rate seems a better means of helping the working poor and business while raising the minimum taxable amount of income. I would suggest lowering services such as baby bonus and child care as well as instituting a health care tax and lowering the E.I. premiums and refunding the E.I. surplus to business’s and raising the business tax rate to that of the average of the personal income tax rates.
The RRSP plan seems to be lacking and should be abolished in favour of mandatory and transferable employer/employee pension plans, McDonald’s and variety stores included. All income levels which would allow the phasing out of the Canada pension plan and OAS.
Your mandate though may be lost to the vote making the Quebecois a nation which was illegal, seditious to the crown and unnecessary.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


May 8, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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