Do your job, please.

Subject: Trucks, Taxi’s and “Temps”.
May 09, 2007
Dear minister of labour,
Currently I am employed with a taxi company which pays me a commission and generally, 99 % of the time, pays at least and some times more than minimum wage, taxes, E.I and CPP are deducted and I even get vacation pay.
While I drove a taxi in London Ontario for * * * * * and * * I was required to lease the taxi had no taxes, E.I. premiums deducted from my pay or was paid vacation pay.
At a trucking company I worked for * * * * I was originally hired by a “temp.” employer then if I wanted to work directly for the trucking company, I had to lease the truck from them and pay my own expenses, taxes and all the costs of operating the truck including insurance and licences which were in the company’s name not mine.
I believe this would be an employee working as a contractor.
The Labour code and revenue tax law already make this illegal.When are the ministers of labour and revenue of this province and country going to do their job ?
Never and face no liability ?
Please no favours just do your job and enforce the code is that to much to ask ?
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


May 9, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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