To sue or not to sue

Subject: Mr. Ditherers
May 09, 2007
Dear member of parliament *,
The finance minister did something right for once and now is “flip flopping”
according to some blogs I’ve read. It is pointless to do the right thing and then flip flop because someone complains.
This government really is over extended anyway and have lost the chance at a majority by surrendering Quebec to separatist traitors which over seventy percent of Canadians opposed.
Gilles Duceppe mp has libelled the crown with a majority of the house of commons in support of his sedition. I haven’t heard a single opposition voice point out the criminal offence committed by Gilles Duceppe mp, leader of the Bloc Quebecois in Canada’s parliament.
Time to do something about this crime (seditious libel) which was committed by Gilles Duceppe mp by his illegal demand in writing to the prime minister and of the house of commons.
Good luck.
Though I suppose if you don’t do your job and have this matter looked at by the police I may have to sue.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


May 9, 2007 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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