I see a ‘hate crime’ somewhere?

November 28, 2007
Dear member(s) of parliament for *, * *, m.p. and * *, m.p.p.,
The province of Ontario is discriminatingly funding one particular religious school to the exclusion of all others.
This discrimination is now illegal and an indictable offense in Canada, since the passing into law of the federal hate crimes bill.
What, if anything, can you or the provincial member of parliament do to enforce Canada’s law and may cause the premier of Ontario to stop the present discriminatory and illegal funding of one religious school to the exclusion of all others in Ontario, before expensive and legal means may become necessary?
This blatant religious discrimination by the government of Ontario or any other, should not be ignored or tolerated by Canada’s legal or government officials and should be dealt with accordingly and as is now prescribed by the federal hate crimes bill, which would see the ‘doer’s of the crime doin the time’.
I make this statement as a citizen of Canada, resident of Ontario, constituent of your government(s) riding(s) and also a witness to the above mentioned and government sponsored hate crime in Canada by all present leaders and all present parties of the Government of Ontario.

Sincerely yours,
* *
* * * *
*, Ontario, Canada

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