“fast and loose” revenuers and lawyers

January 24, 2008
Dear the minister of labour and member of parliament **,
Canada’s federal ministry’s of labour and revenue do not enforce the law toward trucking company’s fairly, accurately or even legally.
The federal ministry of labour has been and is known to “hound” some workers who work legally as contractors while at the same time ignoring truck drivers working illegally as owner operators and lease operators and drivers. Possibly because of the abuses of the “fast and loose” “temp.” employers which are greatly employed in this federally regulated industry.
Some would call this incompetence and have regress.
Billions of regress.
Why after years of pointing out these flaws of these two government agencies has nothing been done?
Will the beaver fix its own tail?
Are not the ministers of these federal agencies responsible for the failures of these two federal agencies?
Are not the ministers in charge of these two loitering agencies and at tax payers expense be responsible the law is enforced fairly and “equally” among Canada’s federally regulated employers and employees?
Should Canadian employers be allowed to rob from the CRA and abuse federal labour standards with the knowledge and support of this federal government and their ministers?
I hope not.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


January 24, 2008 - Posted by | Miscellaneous

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