Surplus surplus?

February 27, 2008
Dear member of parliament for * *,
The Conservative Party of Canada has been in the government of this country now for over two years.
Not much to say of this time though I did hear an MP say on television that with all the “tax cuts” that the Conservatives have actually increased income taxes of those who pay the most or “average Joe” being myself.
The recent budget has not pleased anyone from what I see, except maybe a few bureaucrats who gain from further expenditures and growth of the federal government “coffers”.
I would like to ask you my member of parliament, to take some time and find out where the previous Liberal government’s reported “over fifty billion dollar E.I. surplus” is.
This surplus is a true “boondoggle” and why hasn’t your government said so, as it did while it was the official opposition only a few years ago?
Has something illegal been done with this money, was this surplus there when your party won office or has it been stolen?
Where is the illegal federal E.I. surplus and why hasn’t your party made hay with it?
Do you or your party, which I do support, think average voters in this country are to stupid to notice that there has been an evident lack of disclosure concerning this nearly sixty billion dollar E.I. surplus.
If it still exists why doesn’t the finance minister ever mention it in his budgets or any where else?
What has happened to Canada’s fifty billion dollar E.I. tax surplus Mr. *?
Please do find out for me and get back to me in writing at the following mailing address.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Shouldn’t criminals be charged when caught?

February 26, 2008
Dear the Minister of Labour the Honourable Jean-Pierre Blackburn m.p.,
All of my employers steal from me!
The most recent federally regulated Canadian employer hired me for one day before Chrysler in the U.S. went on strike and has never called me back I called him , *** Trucking, and asked to be paid for the one day of work I did but after three months I have still not been paid. I have contacted the federal labour “program” or whatever its called now.
I’m not writing because of the money I’m out, it’s the principle, who steals eighty dollars from someone and doesn’t get charged with a criminal offense, my employer, who lays me off and doesn’t pay me any severance pay, my employer ***, who steals over $300.00 from my pay check and refuses to correct their error, my employer **, who asks to me work for hours at a time without any pay or compensation whatsoever, some thief in the alley, no, my federally regulated employer’s, that’s who.
When is this JOKE called Canadian labour going to be managed appropriately and legally by this ministry and this minister?
Maybe later, some other time, I’m a little busy with some of Quebec’s racist “issues” right now, please call the minister of affordable welfare taxes housing and poultry?
This Minister has much to do for this country’s labour force and giving hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars to Billion dollar corporations or “Corporate Welfare” as your party calls it, is NOT the way to help.
The employee’s of this ministry who refuse to enforce the labour code should be fired, at least and this minister should be charged with a criminal offense for not ensuring that workers of Canada’s non-union federally regulated Labour force are not being as terribly abused as they are today, for years and decades.
Fix it or go away and save the tax payers the trouble of funding this ministry, I didn’t say fiddle with it and stop giving out “Corporate welfare” to ‘Buzz’ Hargrove’s already overpaid welfare workers at the GM and Ford plants!
Labour scamers!
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Speaking of ‘let downs’

Dear member of parliament for **,
This is a reply to an unsolicited newsletter I recieved recently from a Liberal Senator in which she expressed feeling “let down” by the present government.

Speaking of let downs, your party in parliament along with the NDP and Conservative government and most of the Bloc party voted making “the “Quebecois” a Nation within this Nation”. Instead of forcing the matter to the polls which would have given Canadians the opportunity and the right to decide for themselves.
Which would have resulted in a NO vote because 73% of Canadians were opposed to passing the law while over 90% in parliament supported the law.
This Senator, is a real “let down”.
Sincerely yours,

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