Would they sue if it wasn’t true?

February 28, 2008
Dear the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada,
Maybe you are aware of the federal hate crimes bill which was passed into law by the previous Paul Martin Liberal government, a piece of trash and garbage in my opinion.
However or coincidentally it were and was witnessed by myself on public CPAC television that the premiere of Ontario, the leader of Ontario’s NDP and the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party “agreed” with each other to maintain a “racist” and discriminatory act of the Ontario parliament. The continuation of “publicly” funding with the public’s tax dollars one separate and religious school to the exclusion and added detriment of all other separate and religious schools in the province of Ontario.
The three leaders Dalton McGuinty m.p.p., Howard Hampton m.p.p., and John Tory with the full knowledge, consent and I believe, cooperation of the previous chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission Kieth Norton and of the Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant did and still do comit to this “racist” and discriminatory Hate Crime.
I would like to request or even demand that as Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General responsible for enforcing the laws that you do take action to investigate or make inquiry into this most grievous criminal offence which is now taking place in this province of Ontario and by those I have mentioned and likely others, in order to maintain this illegal conspiracy of discrimination, extreme religious intolerance, “racism” and “hate” against all other non-“publicly” funded separate schools in the province.
This is your responsibility and the responsibility of law enforcement of this country to ensure that this criminal act (“hate crime”) perpetrated by Ontario’s elected members of parliament is properly investigated.
I have written to you in the past concerning this “hate crime” though apparently to a “deaf ear”.
Could you have an investigation or criminal inquiry as soon as possible into this matter so that those responsible for this crime can be held accountable to the law and that this horrendous public injustice may be corrected and as soon as possible?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


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