Raising the age of consent

March 04, 2008
Dear member of parliament for **,
So glad to hear the age of consent has finally been raised to sixteen years of age.
Yeah, good for you and is over due by “a hundred years”, so I hear.
I would go as far as raising this age to eighteen years of age except I know that sixteen year olds can legally marry with parental or a guardians consent.
Regarding your Crimes bill that recently was passed and the hiring of more police officers. I would like to see the perpetrators of crime serving their full sentence with no-time off for good behaviour, rather time added to the sentence if they behave badly in jail!
I would rather have more prisons being built and seeing real time for real crime which would take pressure off of police and other social services and may even save money in the long run and maybe fifty thousand dollars is too much money for government to pay to keep one prisoner for a year.
Glad to hear the government has finally done something worth doing.
Possibly the Finance Minister could chop a hundred billion dollars from payroll taxes over the next two years as he has done for business over the past two.
That would  be worth doing and would relieve much pressure from Canada’s social spending needs including national child care and I would also suggest health care costs and municipal welfare rolls and would create more jobs than cutting business taxes ever could.
Police are over-worked and under-staffed, I can confirm that for you as cab driver in this city but I still think real time should be served and these monkey rule Judges and lawyers in this province and country should face elections every five or ten years same as senators.

Sincerely yours,


March 4, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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