Unemployed and maybe looking for work

Dear member of parliament for **, **,
I have been working on and off mostly in Canada’s federally regulated trucking Industry with some time spent as a taxi cab driver in Ontario.
What an absolute joke my employment history has been and still is.
Most recently I was assaulted in the city of * by two “crack heads” while driving a taxi.
The *-* Police officers who showed up half an hour after they were called did not look for a weapon that I told them one of the perpetrator’s had in his possession, had they bothered to take the time to search for this foot long serated butcher knife possibly I would not have been the one charged.
This is going to be a complete waste of time not only for me but also for the police, the courts and the lawyers that must now deal with the false charge against me.
My employer * * *
says that I am not bondable because of this charge, I do not go to trial until August, 2008, the incident occurred in October of 2007. That is the soonest court date? Fair and speedy trial?
In the mean time I am going to find out if I am really bondable or not, since I have not been convicted or should be.
I thought we were until proven guilty in a court of law?
Such is life for some of us who must work in these unregulated, uncontrolled, ‘do as you please’ Industries in this country that have NO labour standards to speak of because the government’s do not do there job.
The employer mentioned above did not pay me severance pay which is required by law, I am entitled to one week of severance because I wasn’t given notice, they know that.
More work for Ontario’s bureaucracy and bureaucrats ie. Labour Standards.
Taxi Companies in this province including * Transportation in London, Ontario and * * Cabs do hire illegal employees to work for them.
More trouble for legitimate workers and public funded tax collectors to deal with.
“Owner operators” or “lease operators”, those who do not own the actual business licence, in Ontario’s Taxi Industries and Canada’s federally regulated Trucking Industries are illegal workers according to federal and provincial labour laws and the CRA and are not required to pay income taxes?
The NDP says little, the Liberals had thirteen years to fix this criminal behaviour and what is your government going to do Mr. *?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


March 5, 2008 - Posted by | Blanks' Blogroll

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