Fifty one billion dollars in 2007?

May30, 2008
Dear member of parliament for * * *,
Fifty billion dollars has apparently disappeared from a public tax account.
Have you heard?
Months ago I heard Jack Layton say the EI surplus was “spent” and that this government should put it behind them, now Jack Layton does forcefully question where this “missing” tax money has gone and the prime ministers reply is that the ‘Liberal government used it to pay down federal debt 10 years ago’.
This is as much as I know of Canada’s fifty plus billion dollar E.I. Surplus.
Does Canada’s Auditor General know the EI surplus capped at twenty billion dollars was over fifty billion dollars and is only now discovered to be missing? In fact if this occurred “ten years ago” why are we only now beginning to hear that it has been “spent”?
Does the government by its complete silence (hush hush) over this lost tax surplus imagine that it is not responsible for this stolen E.I. money?
I really do not understand why this government does not use this to their advantage and to inform Canadians of this lost or “spent” $ surplus E.I. account.
Sincerely yours,

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Mohamed the Jew and You

Who is going to win the battles of Mohamed the Jew and you, freedom or naught?

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May29, 2008
Dear member of parliament for *, *,
Reading about the human rights commission’s and occurred to me that Canada’s lawmakers are the human rights commissions and court room judges.
I thought only an act of parliament could pass or make a law?
Should parliament any longer act on the recommendations of court room judges or of the human rights commissions? We have witnessed what has become of the definition of marriage preceded by a perverted and abused minority being used as political pawns by courtrooms and the human rights commissions in this country.

I say that “the people” are tired of being told what to do by courtrooms and incompetent “legal experts”.
This parliament is in a minority situation and has lost any real chance of being re-elected for a second minority let alone achieving a majority of the seats.
We have an impotent government or a government of the Liberals by default, again, for two reasons; Quebecer pandering and business tax cuts.
As I mentioned to you a few times, remember?

Not only does pandering to Quebecois not help this party, it hurts the party and the government.Apparently “we” don’t “learn from our past”. Tax cuts for businesses that pay only one third of the tax bill in the first place is just plain stupid.
I voted Conservative but this government acts like a bunch of fruitcakes.
Since the day this government was elected into office it has behaved badly with Quebec and the taxpayers of Canada.
Flaherty is retarded, literally. He can not grasp the simplest concept that taxpayer and voters are connected or understand that business executives do not matter at the polls any polls.
What an absolute lost opportunity for “the Right”.
This government has been a victory for “the Liberal” and possibly more so for the NDP.
Gross incompetence that seems to go through this government to Quebec and just a guess but likely to Brian Mulroney and his Liberal “Free Trade” deal with the U.S.
This is what happens when there is no accountability to anyone or anything by the courts, commissions or parliaments.
Quacks in charge.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Who is Ezra Levant?

Who is Ezra Levant?

The person responsible for the creation of the Conservative Party of Canada, ‘Holocaust denier / “N.a.z.i. war criminal supporter'”?

Or did I miss something while reading his bio. on Wikipedia?

I have voted for the Conservative Party and never knew that he had such an influential place. I may be changing my vote, though not for Stephane Dion.

My apology to Ezra Levant and he should get one in writing if I misunderstand if not this post should be enhanced in the future.

Found this also;

‘Publisher and columnist Ezra Levant argues that Warman’s actions as plaintiff before the Canadian Human Rights Commissions are tantamount to censorship in the name of human rights.[36] In response, Warman sued Levant for defamation.’

‘Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn states that Warman abuses the intent of the Canadian Human Rights Act by personally appearing as the plaintiff about half of section 13 “hate speech” cases in the history of CHRA, and all of such cases since 2002.[35]’

‘Charlie Gillis of MacLean’s magazine asserts: “Richard Warman says he’s fighting hate. Critics say free speech is the real victim.” [37]’

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section 13

May 28, 2008
Dear the Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson M.P.,
Section 13 of the CHRC seems to be getting abused by some employees of human rights commissions, this is not to say that section 13 should be “removed’ altogether though I do support that, rather that section 13 might receive some attention as pertaining to its apparent abuse and misuse by some government employees.
I do consider that section 13 of CHRC is a real abuse of freedom of speech and is truly being abused by the CHRC. I could file charges under this section against some who’s heads would spin. I do not support this section or the human rights code in Canada for that matter. Some complain that the senate is unelected.
Dalton McGuinty m.p.p.,Howard Hampton m.p.p., and John Tory leader of the Official Opposition in Ontario’s parliament were witnessed by myself and very likely others, “agree” that without a vote held in parliament, they would continue the racist, discrimination of publicly funding Catholic private schools and to the exclusion of all others, in the province Ontario. It could be witnessed by any that Dalton McGuinty and Howard Hampton continued in this racist and discriminatory manner in supporting the continued publicly funding of Catholic private schools during the past Ontario election debates which were public and televised. This is actually a hate crime by definition in the Canada criminal code as I understand and an indictable offence in Canada.
“Hate speech” law is being abused by human rights commissions in Canada while others who break federal law walk the streets and in some cases, own them.

Canada should abolish all of the human rights commissions, there has been too much abuse by them already, some of which may just be beginning to show.

Sincerely yours,


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