section 13

May 28, 2008
Dear the Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson M.P.,
Section 13 of the CHRC seems to be getting abused by some employees of human rights commissions, this is not to say that section 13 should be “removed’ altogether though I do support that, rather that section 13 might receive some attention as pertaining to its apparent abuse and misuse by some government employees.
I do consider that section 13 of CHRC is a real abuse of freedom of speech and is truly being abused by the CHRC. I could file charges under this section against some who’s heads would spin. I do not support this section or the human rights code in Canada for that matter. Some complain that the senate is unelected.
Dalton McGuinty m.p.p.,Howard Hampton m.p.p., and John Tory leader of the Official Opposition in Ontario’s parliament were witnessed by myself and very likely others, “agree” that without a vote held in parliament, they would continue the racist, discrimination of publicly funding Catholic private schools and to the exclusion of all others, in the province Ontario. It could be witnessed by any that Dalton McGuinty and Howard Hampton continued in this racist and discriminatory manner in supporting the continued publicly funding of Catholic private schools during the past Ontario election debates which were public and televised. This is actually a hate crime by definition in the Canada criminal code as I understand and an indictable offence in Canada.
“Hate speech” law is being abused by human rights commissions in Canada while others who break federal law walk the streets and in some cases, own them.

Canada should abolish all of the human rights commissions, there has been too much abuse by them already, some of which may just be beginning to show.

Sincerely yours,



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