Who is Ezra Levant?

Who is Ezra Levant?

The person responsible for the creation of the Conservative Party of Canada, ‘Holocaust denier / “N.a.z.i. war criminal supporter'”?

Or did I miss something while reading his bio. on Wikipedia?

I have voted for the Conservative Party and never knew that he had such an influential place. I may be changing my vote, though not for Stephane Dion.

My apology to Ezra Levant and he should get one in writing if I misunderstand if not this post should be enhanced in the future.

Found this also;

‘Publisher and columnist Ezra Levant argues that Warman’s actions as plaintiff before the Canadian Human Rights Commissions are tantamount to censorship in the name of human rights.[36] In response, Warman sued Levant for defamation.’

‘Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn states that Warman abuses the intent of the Canadian Human Rights Act by personally appearing as the plaintiff about half of section 13 “hate speech” cases in the history of CHRA, and all of such cases since 2002.[35]’

‘Charlie Gillis of MacLean’s magazine asserts: “Richard Warman says he’s fighting hate. Critics say free speech is the real victim.” [37]’


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