Fifty one billion dollars in 2007?

May30, 2008
Dear member of parliament for * * *,
Fifty billion dollars has apparently disappeared from a public tax account.
Have you heard?
Months ago I heard Jack Layton say the EI surplus was “spent” and that this government should put it behind them, now Jack Layton does forcefully question where this “missing” tax money has gone and the prime ministers reply is that the ‘Liberal government used it to pay down federal debt 10 years ago’.
This is as much as I know of Canada’s fifty plus billion dollar E.I. Surplus.
Does Canada’s Auditor General know the EI surplus capped at twenty billion dollars was over fifty billion dollars and is only now discovered to be missing? In fact if this occurred “ten years ago” why are we only now beginning to hear that it has been “spent”?
Does the government by its complete silence (hush hush) over this lost tax surplus imagine that it is not responsible for this stolen E.I. money?
I really do not understand why this government does not use this to their advantage and to inform Canadians of this lost or “spent” $ surplus E.I. account.
Sincerely yours,


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