Nobody v. MaCleans

Dear * * member of parliament for ***,
The most important event in Canada is occurring right now in British Columbia.
A complaint by a supposed victim of discrimination is being heard by the B.C. human rights tribunal. This is not a court of law.
I have been doing some reading about the case and I must say I am very disturbed.
Seems a member of a religion can take a national magazine and its writers to court for causing personal damages to him by telling the truth about the terrorist organization (Islam) he is a member of, without actually mentioning him personally in the “offencive” article.
The “Court”/Tribunal/”/”Star Chamber” apparently hears evidence that is submitted but gives no opportunity for defence, the trial seems based on opinions and feelings and too me ‘set up’.
Sadly, human rights commissions in this country have become “Big Brothers House” and those present, live in the basement and do what they’re told with no regard for due process of the law.
The government is responsible for allowing this nonsense to go on and should take action against these “courts”.
A Liberal member of parliament is calling for an enquiry. Too late for the present case in B.C.. I would like the parliament to abolish these “kangaroo courts”.
They are being abused by terrorists and every fruit cake and lunatic in the country to defend themselves from the truth. We know what the homosexuals have done with these human rights commissions.
No Charter or Law required just go to a human rights commission tell them your feelings are hurt and get your way, like McDonald’s, Have It Your Way, pervert.

What a sham these so-called human rights courts are to democracy.They are a disgrace to this entire country.
I remember hearing on the radio Kieth Norton CEO of the Ontario Human Rights Commission telling the people of Ontario and during an election that the Ontario Private School Tax Credit was “discriminatory”. I didn’t see how that could be possible knowing that the provincial government directly funds private Catholic schools. Just the utter Gaul and complete contempt of this human rights leader was literally criminal. They need to be put out of business.

Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. The drug den Insite in Vancouver should be closed and addicted drug users sent to jail for extended periods. Unfortunately they would need to be sentenced to twenty years to serve five years, that’s what makes a real joke of Canada’s justice


June 5, 2008 - Posted by | Blanks' Blogroll

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