Corprot welfare

June06, 2008
Dear Member of parliament for *, * *,
Two hundred fifty million dollars seems like allot of money to give away.
Dalton McGuinty is spending five hundred million on the Auto Industry in Ontario.
I think I could build a whole new state of the art factory with that much money.
Complete from the ground up and very likely have money left over.
I’m just curious to find out exactly what Ontario pays out in a year in general welfare (Ontario Works) not including these funds.
Zero percent interest loans is welfare because somebody is paying the interest.
Buzz Hargrove really wants the government’s to pay for his memberships wages and benefits and keep jobs for them to, comrades.
No one should be surprised with the jobs being lost and plant closing in the Ontario auto Industry, least of all Buzz Hargrove.
Why don’t we just buy the auto factories and employ the workers to the state. We could save tax dollars, break the union and keep they’re jobs for them?
Let them sink or swim on their own and stop the welfare bleeding to corporations in this country! Jackon Layton says so and I agree.
Buzz always want the government to pay the bill.I’m sick of the auto industry in this province and wish they would go to Texas or Mexico or Zimbabwai.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Why don’t North American auto makers sell their cars abroad especially Japan and Korea?
Or what Japanese would want to own an inferior product that costs more money?
The Canadian dollar and high union wages and benefits is what’s really hurting the industry and not just the auto industry.


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