Mulroney raised my taxes!

June 06, 2008
Dear the Honourable Minister ** , **, M.P.,
Mulroney raised the lowest tax bracket from 6% to 17%“.
Increased from six to seventeen percent,- taxes!
No wonder feminists are up in arms in this country and want to start another tax funded bureaucracy to fix all their problems.
Cutting business taxes may be needed I agree but the average Canadian pay’s two thirds of Canada’s overall tax bill while businesses pay only one third. I looked up that fact from Statistics Canada.
“The poor”, so-called are disproportionately affected by taxes, Liberals don’t want to change that, they want to start a whole new bureaucracy.

This government would lose if an election were held in Canada today. Cutting business taxes is the real reason your party is continuing the slide and pandering to Quebec is likely the second biggest reason.
I can not believe the Liberals are using an obscene Mulroney tax increase to justify the need for “Gender Equality” in this country, but it is true.
I could likely justify the Mulroney tax increase if he hadn’t “lowered the highest tax bracket to 29%”. I can’t even believe what I’m hearing.
This government needs to correct some wrongs of the past and this would be a better place to start. The Chinese paid a head tax because that was the law, the Chinese were singled out because there were too many of them coming too Canada and there weren’t enough jobs for them, too late the apology has already been given.Apology for what?
The idea that Mulroney is a Canadian Conservative is a fairy tale and likely the reason the party he belonged now has no members elected to federal government, none, zero. Progressive Conservatives hold no seats in the government of Canada, though some of them do seem to still be lingering around. John Tory supports Abortion, Same – Sex Marriage, “Equality” and the continued exclusive funding for some private schools in Ontario, he is very Progressive in my opinion but not very conservative, big or small c.
The lowest tax bracket should be put back to six percent and that may help you get “re-elected” though would not be enough for me.
Income splitting, the Liberals are going to use your special treatment of seniors, income splitting, as more discrimination against women and appears they are already are doing so.
Lower taxes but don’t stop at lowering your own, that would be a Paul Martin/Brian Mulroney-ism.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


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  1. The writer would be well advised to look into women’s rights activism because women do not all agree on issues and feminism has many branches. The third wave for instance wants to have women’s roles valued not just outside the home but also within it and to have caregiving of the young, sick, elderly, handicapped and dying recognized as vital work.

    Income splitting upsets some aggressive feminists of the 1960s who thought the key battle was to get women into paid work. However we have moved on, women now easily can get paid work and the real obstacle now is how to also get done the unpaid roles that need to be done. The 60s feminists did not apparently consider that and mass warehousing all the sick and young at state cost really is no liberation.

    Forcing women to stay home and not earn was wrong. But forcing them to leave them home and turn over their children to the state long hours each day is equally unfair.

    Income splitting recognizes the lower earner or nonearner in the home as doing useful work anyway, and as an equal partner. His or her role is valued and income spread over several people is taxed at a lower rate because it is not just going to one person. That’s eminently fair.

    Please check out the speeches of economists, legal theorists and feminist lawyers at our conference on income splitting held in January 2006.

    Comment by Beverley Smith | June 7, 2008

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