Affordable housing or tax discrimintion

Subject: Watching the senate hearings into ‘poverty, housing and homelessness’.

June 10, 2008
Dear member of parliament for * * *,
The municipalities tax rental housing at a far higher rate than non-commercial housing.

Commercial real estate taxes are way out of line and discriminate against renters which includes “the poor” in Canada. Now that agriculture prices are up and not including natives.

Tobacco and Pork farmers do not need more welfare they do need bankruptcy. Beef and Softwood producers should be considered separately for cause.

Building affordable housing recommended at the senate hearing should not be undertaken by government while municipal tax discrimination against renters is a common, wide spread, acceptable, practice.

Government should take a closer look at lowering personal income tax rates back to where they were, “six percent” for the lowest rate and before they lowered the highest tax rate to 29%.

One could find out what is paid in general welfare and compare that with corporate welfare spending compared to taxes. One who’s job it might be or may concern and report this to the senate committee?

Fix this discrimination against renters first.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


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