“SLASH” payroll taxes and “KILL” Kyoto

Dear member of parliament,
If you want to beat Kyoto (to death) and not the dog lower payroll taxes first. Lower worker payroll taxes especially those Brian Mullroney raised from 6% to to 17%, lower them.
Then you could “Kill” Kyoto protocol and other Liberal inventions with a majority government or continue plodding in this wallowing minority. You could do allot of things with a majority that you can’t do now.
So far your doing fairly well all things considered though for my satisfaction,
Kyoto Must Die and not the dog. Though if you should happen ….
Kyoto should be executed by a Guillotine and not Stephane Dion’s dog, along with “s-s.m” and likely a few other Liberal or should I say NDP law.
Cut the lowest payroll tax rate to 6% (or lower) and don’t ask me how to do that now. I offer you a way to have any chance of gaining a majority Conservative government.
Or quite likely, lose to the Liberals in the next election.Which would be a shame.
Do cut the lowest tax bracket back and lower social spending if or where needed, works for me.
Just say no to Obbamoe Hussein bin Barrack Laden and other lying inventions like the Liberals Kyoto Protocol.
Spells Majority for you if I must say myself.
No more Liberal government’s for me, please.

Reduce my taxes and raise Bombardier high enough they can’t afford to give any “gifts” to China. Theycould at least use their own money to do that and not mine.That Welfare funded Canadian corporation.
Sincerely yours,

* *, Ontario, Canada



June 18, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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