the NDP isn’t my party, anymore

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Not sure why we seem so concerned with “post-Kyoto commitments”.

The Kyoto commitments signed onto by Jean Chretien’s Liberal government “because I was leaving office and didn’t care” have not been met and according to the present Environment minister can not be met, now.
Why even have “post- Kyoto commitments”? Do Canadians need to have even more commitments?
“Once upon a time” I believed the NDP represented the common or average “Joe” working class in society but I think this “workers” political party has been too busy trying to satisfy the minor issues and has done a grave and even harmful disservice to Canada and too all Canadians.
Just say, no to “post – Kyoto”! Kyoto isn’t even dead! Like it would be if I had any say.
The NDP has certainly made “history” but won’t do so any longer with this labourers support and not since Bob Rae legalized Sunday working or (“shopping”) in Ontario!
I could live with Svend Robinson’s constant whining since he was generally in the background but Bob Rae has tipped the NDP apple cart, as far as I’m concerned, may be that’s why he’s now a Liberal.
The NDP needs to get away from inflammatory rhetoric of the Kyoto protocols and the “Global Warming” “debate”.
Do the NDP even know or care to know the facts about “Global Warming’?
They want to spew political rhetoric Svend Robinson style and scare people with some lies made up by political pundits who have NO KNOWLEDGE of climate science and/or climate history and especially “climate change”.
“Making history” instead of ‘learning from it’?
It’s called Politics I guess seems a little endangering to me.
RHETORIC is made up stuff used to promote an agenda, it worked for Svend Robinson and “the homosexuals” real well thanks to the NDP.

Re: Making history and making life better

‘… commitments,’


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