The “six million dollar howitzer”

June 27, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
After reading of three billion dollars being spent for five military cargo aircraft for the Canadian Armed Forces a couple years ago I did some checking and found the U.S. Air force was paying just over two hundred million dollars each for the very same warplane, the very same year.
Even after the dollar exchange rate of the time and all “the extras” were calculated there seems to be some unexplained costs discrepancies which have gone unexplained and really unquestioned to my knowledge.
The DND then reportedly purchased some ‘howitzer for six million dollars each’.
I “blew a gasket” and know a howitzer is a 1919 mobile gun and generally found in war museums and parks today.I emailed to the previous minister of defence and did complain of the cost of these “guns” ,six million dollars, and received no reply. Afterward I learned these were actually “Self – Propelled Howitzers”,big difference the error is on account of some lazy reporting in the news.
The “howitzers” costs are “explained”. The five military cargo warplanes seem to have cost Canada too much money. I’m not here to be the babysitter of the DND or monitor their spending, just trying to answer some concern I have heard from others and that I share.
Unfortunately the previous minister was replaced before I could send “this correction” and do so now in case you have had any concern of this matter.
Perhaps someone at the DND could offer an explanation of the reported costs of these five U.S. made aircraft which seem to retail to the U.S. Air force for about half of the price the DND apparently paid. I know about “the extras” and the dollar exchange expense but the cost of three billion dollars for two billion Canadian dollars worth of airplanes and etc. still seems unexplained to me.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


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