Old Lead Bottom

Dear member of parliament ***,
“Gitmo” prisoners are considered “criminals” and not prisoners of war, at least that’s what I hear.
Canada should demand “a fair and speedy trial” for any Canadian being detained.
Omar Khadar is being called a “child-soldier” by some lunatic General and not the criminal that he is considered to be.
Parliament should clarify for Canadians with a definition of the prisoners being detained at the “Gitmo” prison.
“Criminal”, “detainee”, “soldier”, “terrorist”, “prisoner of war”?
This country needs a clarification of the situation so we don’t have some old lead bottom Canadian General calling the criminals, soldiers.
I doubt any “separatist” though has what it takes to lead any country.
Treason, that’s Omar Khadar, Gilles Duceppe, and Canadian parliament’s troubles these days.

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Can you say, criminal conspiracy

Re: Help stop the text message cash-grab


Friday, July 11, 2008 9:26 AM


Isn’t it against the law in this country for businesses to agree together to set rates for services. That’s what is really going on with this “cash grab”.
Bell and Telus have conspired together to “gouge” their customers. I’m pretty sure that is illegal in Canada.
Someone should find out and let Canadians know instead of talking about this story as “a cash grab”, it’s a crime.
It’s corporate fraud and nobody in this government including the NDP is doing any thing about that!
Can you say overpaid members of parliament fail to do their job’s, again.

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Liberals asking for more money

The Liberals are always asking supporters for donations and claiming financial distress.

Maybe they should try asking Stephane Dion, Belinda Stronach or Garth Turner for some help.

Prominent Liberals who gave ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the Liberal Party in 2007:
1. Belinda Stronach
2. Denis Coderre
3. Garth Turner
4. Ralph Goodale
5. Martha Hall Findlay
6. Wayne Easter
7. Dominic Leblanc
8. Mauril Belanger
9. David McGuinty
10. Keith Martin

Prominent Liberals who gave LESS THAN HALF THE MAXIMUM ($1100)
1. Michael Ignatieff ($462.60)
2. Ruby Dhalla ($462.56)
3. Hedy Fry ($382.24)
4. Paul Szabo ($255.27)

H/T Werner Patels


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Western Cow Farts Not As Bad As NAFTA

Dear member of parliament,

Picked up this from a ‘blog’ today, ‘It’s easy to buy Middle Eastern crude. In fact, Canada imports 40% of its oil for domestic uses.’
I do take some affront to being called an “Eastern Bastard” ( apparently those who reside in Ontario or East- of) by a Western C02 spewing cow seller.I did note that “NAFTA” is the responsible party for Canada’s continued need to import oil from the Middle East.

‘Indeed, Alberta has plenty of oil, more than enough to meet Eastern Canadians’ needs, and export surpluses. But Alberta cannot supply Eastern Canada, even if a crisis hit and they were freezing in the dark, because NAFTA reserves Alberta’s oil for Americans’ security of supply. Although Canada is a net exporter of oil, we import almost one million barrels per day to meet 90% of Quebec’s and Atlantic Canada’s needs, and 40% of Ontario’s. At the same time, Canada exports 63% of its oil and 56% of its natural gas production to the US.

The author of the ‘blog’ mentioned that imported oil is ‘less polluting to the environment’ than is Canadian produced oil yet the real point I got is that Canada can not supply our own needs even if we wanted to and because of “NAFTA”.
May be Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are right about reopening NAFTA except Barrack has now flip flopped on NAFTA and says that he supports it.
Softwood lumber and good paying jobs disappearing and now we find out national security issues can not be met because of the Brian Mulroney/Jean Chretien sham called NAFTA.
Canadian’s should not be held captive to the U.S. because of the NAFTA agreement.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Statuatory Rape

‘On September 30, 1959, it took a jury less than six hours to decide that a 14 year-old boy had raped and then murdered a 12 year-old schoolmate.’ – CBC
Fifty years later the lies go on.
July-07- 2008
Dear member of provincial parliament for *,* *,
Heard today that the Ontario government is offering Stephen Truscott six million dollars while the courts still haven’t declared him to be innocent “due to a lack of evidence“.I do have a question.
If there is ”not enough evidence to find him innocent’ by the courts of Ontario why are we paying him six million dollars, “plus legal costs” and a hundred thousand tax dollars to his wife?
The court’s in this province are seriously out of order if they say a man is “not innocent” – “due to a lack of evidence” and the government is just as stupid and guilty of contempt of the tax payers for paying off this person even though he “is not innocent”!
Some rather “disturbing” events continue to be even more “disturbing” and I would guess I’m not the only one who feels this way.
I’m “disturbed” more by court’s using their power to continue the prosecution of someone who is known to be innocent and was convicted of a crime he nothing to do with as a child.
The prosecution goes on and is now really persecution by this government as far as I’m concerned.
Stephen Truscot should tell the government of Ontario to put their money “where the sun don’t shine”. This man is a Martyr in this province and the Ontario government and courts are his persecutors.
I demand that this man be declared innocent before he is given any payoff from the taxpayers of this province!
The SHAME of this country and this ‘state’ of Ontario does not cease to amaze me, daily.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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‘kill global warming deniers’ & the Comic Majician!

Specifically Pen of Pen&Teller. Now I have to go find the link don’t I? That’s blanks… blanks57.

I read a blog comment yesterday that said “global warming deniers’ referring to the above mentioned, “should be killed“.

I don’t remember the Web site I was at when I read that comment. I think a Link from a Watts Up post?

The below Link reminded me of that comment;

Part of the problem lay in the fact that useful data on ice extent and thickness only dates from the 1950s, yet our temperature record from Jan Mayen Island at the edge of the Arctic shows that the Arctic was warmer during the 1930s than it was during the 1990s. Unfortunately there is no comprehensive ice data from the 1930s. Instead such data begins in the late 1950s, at a time when the Arctic was entering into the grip of a known cold spell. As that cold period ended, it is hardly surprising to find thinner ice during the latter warmer period. [….]

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Or Conservative’s get out!

reply To:
“PMO” <pm@PM.GC.CA>

Let’s remove the Quebec french or “the Quebecois Nationals” from federal employment positions including the police, CSIS, military, and all federal government including the parliament.
To not do so now is treason-ous.

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Dr. Phil says …

O J dunn It

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Oprah says …

‘German Immigrants to New York brought with them “Hamburgh Steak” served between slices of bread’.

Oprah says Hamburgers are as American as Apple Pie.

Specifically ‘Hamburger patties served on a bun’ “may” be an American invention.

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politician in a grass skirt:David Suzuki

‘I admit: we aren’t 100 per cent sure that human activity is causing global warming.’


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“The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nations.”

Unless your name is Svend Robinson, Paul Martin, or Henry Morgentaler.

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For your “141st Birthday”

Morgentaler gets Honour

July 01, 2008
Dear members of parliament,
According to the CBC Newsworld the blackmailing, lieing, cheat, abortionist, Henry Morgentaler has just received the Order of Canada.
Unconventionally from what I understand, he did not receive the “normal unanimous consent” of the Governor Generals Advisory Board.
Is rumoured that the Chief Justice Beverly McLaughlin PC “waved the normal process in favour of a vote” in order to give Dr. Morgentaler this national Honour.
What a farce.
* Ontario, Canada

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Beverly hillbilly

Chairperson, Advisory Council of the Order of Canada.

“Rideau Hall makes these appointments based on the recommendations of the Advisory Council for the Order which is chaired by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada,”

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