Western Cow Farts Not As Bad As NAFTA

Dear member of parliament,

Picked up this from a ‘blog’ today, ‘It’s easy to buy Middle Eastern crude. In fact, Canada imports 40% of its oil for domestic uses.’
I do take some affront to being called an “Eastern Bastard” ( apparently those who reside in Ontario or East- of) by a Western C02 spewing cow seller.I did note that “NAFTA” is the responsible party for Canada’s continued need to import oil from the Middle East.

‘Indeed, Alberta has plenty of oil, more than enough to meet Eastern Canadians’ needs, and export surpluses. But Alberta cannot supply Eastern Canada, even if a crisis hit and they were freezing in the dark, because NAFTA reserves Alberta’s oil for Americans’ security of supply. Although Canada is a net exporter of oil, we import almost one million barrels per day to meet 90% of Quebec’s and Atlantic Canada’s needs, and 40% of Ontario’s. At the same time, Canada exports 63% of its oil and 56% of its natural gas production to the US.

The author of the ‘blog’ mentioned that imported oil is ‘less polluting to the environment’ than is Canadian produced oil yet the real point I got is that Canada can not supply our own needs even if we wanted to and because of “NAFTA”.
May be Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are right about reopening NAFTA except Barrack has now flip flopped on NAFTA and says that he supports it.
Softwood lumber and good paying jobs disappearing and now we find out national security issues can not be met because of the Brian Mulroney/Jean Chretien sham called NAFTA.
Canadian’s should not be held captive to the U.S. because of the NAFTA agreement.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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July 7, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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