Old Lead Bottom

Dear member of parliament ***,
“Gitmo” prisoners are considered “criminals” and not prisoners of war, at least that’s what I hear.
Canada should demand “a fair and speedy trial” for any Canadian being detained.
Omar Khadar is being called a “child-soldier” by some lunatic General and not the criminal that he is considered to be.
Parliament should clarify for Canadians with a definition of the prisoners being detained at the “Gitmo” prison.
“Criminal”, “detainee”, “soldier”, “terrorist”, “prisoner of war”?
This country needs a clarification of the situation so we don’t have some old lead bottom Canadian General calling the criminals, soldiers.
I doubt any “separatist” though has what it takes to lead any country.
Treason, that’s Omar Khadar, Gilles Duceppe, and Canadian parliament’s troubles these days.


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