To whom it may concern,

“Prime Minister intent on fall election”

August 29, 2008
To whom it may concern,
A good time then for Mr. Gilles Duceppe MP to offer his resignation before his formal apology to the house of commons, Oui?
Seditious libel is still an indictable offence in Canada.
Of course what would you bunch of loiterers know, you only make the laws and not follow them?
Can you say, give yourselves another big pay raise.
You would all be thrown out of office if I had ANY say in the matter and I do mean all.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario

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Private health care

August 12, 2008
Dear Minister of Health the Honourable Tony Clement, M.P.,
Liberals say they do not want to support private health care according to the Canada Health Act. So why do they want to fund Henry Morgentalers‘ private health care clinics?
Now Morgentaler the criminal who was performing illegal abortions in Canada since the sixties and has never been charged for his capital crimes is now suing a province demanding public funding for his private health care clinics.
Liberals have criticized the Conservatives and called them “NAZI’s” partly because of their “support” for privatized health care.
Conservatives may support privatizing some national health care but the Liberals have funded Morgentalers private health clinics for years so they should shut-up or put-up.
The government’s of this country are breaking the law if they fund private health clinics according to previous statements I’ve heard from the Liberals.
What is wrong with Henry Morgentaler being allowed to sue a province in this country for something the province’s are legally bound not to pay for?
Are the Judges that allow these cases “out of order”?
Does Health Canada have a job to do by enforcing the Canada Health Act or is this just Liberal smoke and mirrors.
Speaking of smoke have you bought pack of smokes lately?
Eighteen dollars for two packs of cigarettes that should cost six to eight dollars at the most?
What’s-up with that good minister of tobacco sales?
Abortion funding tobacco salesman wow I want my children to grow up in your fabulous and free democracy don’t you?
Let’s get the lead out or go home, please.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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We don’t need no stinking – Yuppie Welfare!

August 12, 2008
Dear the Minister of Finance the Honourable Jim Flaherty, M.P.,
Could you lower the taxes of “the poor” in Canada?
Seems some previous Liberal and so-called Progressive government’s could not be bothered with those most needy.
The poorest of Canada pay the highest taxes based on income and do get the least from the federal government by way of subsidies and benefits.
I think this Conservative government could reduce public spending and taxes, especially of those most burdened by them, the so-called “poor”.
So far you have failed the poor of this country and that are constantly being used by the “Left” as an excuse for spending and red tape expenditures of the government’s public funds.
Conservatives should reduce the taxes and especially of the poor and not raise them by stealth.That would be the “progressive” taxation of Mulroney and the Liberals monkey business, as usual.
Canada should lower the taxes of the poorest of Canadians even if that means reducing federal welfare especially what I would term “Yuppie Welfare”. This finance minister’s business is federal business, run the federal finances and let the provinces run their own monkey business. The badly abused federal transfer program should be fixed according to the law rather than the whining of some spoilt brat liberal cake-eating, premier’s.
We don’t need no stinking Progressives.
Especially in this federal government.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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