Hate crimes – “(also known as bias motivated crimes)” -Wikipedia

Sept. 05, 2008
Dear Minister and Member of Parliament,
The Premier of Ontario, Leader of the Ontario NDP and Leader of the Official Opposition were witnessed by myself and very likely many others “agree” (one could say conspire), in public and in the Ontario legislature broadcast on cpac TV, without a vote in the House, agree to maintain the “bias-motivated” and “discriminatory” “publicly funding” of one private-religious school ‘to the exclusion of all the others’.
Should “we” continue to pretend “we” do not receive our emails as some of you do especially concerning this topic, or imagine that leaving your voluntary elected position should free you from any responsibility of the criminal offence which continues in this province and being perpetrated by this government I have taken the liberty of forwarding this email to my local O.P.P.detachment.
Could be too late for denial since I have a drawer full of written replies and many e-replies from some of you including ministers and opposition mp and mpp’s to other emails including from this premier’s office.
Why do our elected legislators who have promoted the issue’s in public and passed the laws against in government against “HATE” and “DISCRIMINATION” stand before the public and in the legislature to commit what is a “government sponsored hate crime”!
I’ll guess “telling 200 lies” to get elected has something to do with that but is really beside the point.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. * * was the police chief of London when I lived there, I recall hearing he was a Catholic and therefore “biased” in my opinion though not necessarily on a personal level I have taken the further liberty of forwarding this email to my local RCMP detachment and to some federal members of parliament and Attorney General of Canada and the Governor General just for the fun of it and the Ontario human rights Commission just so I can listen to the silence of their reply(s) ,no reply, concerning this complaint, again.


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