The other Liberal ‘Green Shift’ and a new crown corp.

September 12, 2008
Dear member of parliament for *,*
This seems like something that should be “an election issue” to me.
The Green Shift I refer to is Canada’s ‘fifty billion dollar E.I. surplus’ that the prime minister said was “spent ten years ago by the Liberals” and was supposed to have been “capped at Twenty Billion Dollars”.
A Liberal green shift or just more bad government all around?
I remember the word “accountability” being used once upon a time, where is the accountability for the missing or “spent” E.I. surplus that belongs to Canada’s workers and employers?
E.I. should be changed back to U.I. for descriptive purposes. Employment Insurance is not a proper name to describe insurance that is for un-employed workers.
Giving un-employment insurance for maternity leave is more likely an abuse of the system and should likely be reconsidered. Maternity leave isn’t really unemployment as they say, “it is their choice”.If it’s “a choice” it’s not un-employment.
Unemployment insurance premiums are paid by Canadian workers and employers. Taking a “surplus” and spending it should be a criminal offence. In fact I thought the government wasn’t even allowed to run a surplus?
This finance minister should get back the “fifty billion dollar surplus” that was “spent by the Liberals ten years ago” and immediately or face criminal prosecution.Criminal prosecution and not a Mulroney/Schreiber whitewash “Inquirey”. Feds in the pen should start with Schreiber, Martin and Mulroney and not with you.
Knock off the ‘government of accountability’ b.s. and hold those responsible for thier theft of the public purse and get the money back from where ever it was “spent” all of it.
Then return the over-surplus, thirty billion, to the tax payers who have been robbed and let the capped twenty billion dollars fund the E.I. premiums. Then you can “KILL” your “new crown corporation” the CEIFB, dead.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada


September 12, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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