Save Canada’s small Business

Here’s an idea, how about lowering payroll taxes of “the working poor”.
Reducing the obscene 15% tax paid by lowest income workers to zero %. I’m against raising the the basic deduction any further and favour removing the lowest federal income tax rate completely.
This is something that is real for Canadian small business and should be done before any other needed measures.
Don’t leave the Liberals something to do, not that they would.
These payroll taxes are robbery of “the working poor” that the Liberals and NDP shall continue to use in their favour.
Small business would benefit the most by eliminating the lowest income tax bracket.
To make up the differance if needed raise your own taxes to 90% (ninety percent) and eliminate MP benefits and per Diems and tax write-offs and expense accounts and lower other government salaries and benefits.
‘We don’t need no Liberal education’
Cut the workers taxes and save small and large business in this country. Spare us the smart stuff some of us already lived through Mulroney and Chretien.

Not signing in protest of the PM’s announcements for small business this morning and because your Mulroney (maybe Wilson) is showing.
Speaking of whom when does the criminal trial of Karl Heinz Schreiber begin for his “indictable offence” of paying off a member of parliament?
Really the Liberals goofed up and this government needs to stop “!inquiring” into criminal matters and start working.


September 13, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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