“Trust, Integrity and Character”

What would The Honourable Danny Williams know about ‘Trust Integrity and Character?

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Correct me but “the transfer deal” made to allow and still does allow NL and NB, the (Atlantic Accords), to keep their resource revenues out of the transfer formula was in fact a contravention of the federal Act regulating transfers and as such was and still is illegal and the signers to “the deal” actually criminals under federal law?
All the hub bub being made by this premier of Newfoundland and some others I have heard complaining of having to pay their fair share is more than any Canadian should tolerate.This is government corruption at its very worst and the matter is cause for a criminal investigation.We’ll see if this so-called “premier of NL” Danny Williams calls for a criminal investigation into the deal, not very likely.
Ontario doesn’t need your Newfie welfare Danny Williams, maybe the Newfies should start ‘helping Ontario’ by paying their fair share instead of scamming the public’s purse while complaining of being mistreated by Stephen Harper.
Cry on Newfie welfare beggars and may the commercial seal hunt in this country be ended for ever.
Yours truly,
* from *, Ontario

H/T- James Curran


September 16, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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