Man, you still spend like a woman. (Yuppie Welfare)

September 17, 2008
To whom it may concern,
I hope Stephane Dion does not win this election, there isn’t enough money in the country to afford all his Liberal spending promises for “the poor”, “the working poor” and the homeless? (sarcasm I guess)
Man, the poorest in this country are paying half their meager earnings to a bunch of loitering spend thrifts who then later portray themselves as the saviours of the poor and  poor single mothers.
I hope Mr.Harper can get a clue before he starts to spend like a Liberal.
Canada’s income taxes aren’t just hurting the poor I know that, but if you make two hundred thousand dollars a year you have enough money to live on after paying your insane tax bill. “Poverty” in this country is largely due to the “spending like a woman” politicians.
Let’s hope Harper’s majority Conservative government doesn’t spend like a woman that most of them are.
Find a way to lower Canadians oppressive tax burden.Federal and provincial income taxes of the poor and working poor being the most oppressive cost of them all.
Maybe government spending on “yuppie welfare” sounds good during an election but really your only increasing the burden of the poor that you pretend to care about.
Or we should talk about Karl Heinz Schreiber, “indictable offences” and a “spent fifty four billion dollar E.I. surplus” that Jim Flaherty and Stephane Dion and Jack Layton seem to think belongs to them and not to the tax payers of Canada!
Yours Truly,
*, Ontario, Canada


September 17, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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